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Thirty years ago, our founder got a letter explaining that gas markets had been deregulated and he now had a choice for service. Problem was, there was no place to go that explained the options. So, in 1989 Doug Betzold opened the doors of CMS and began providing customers with unparalleled consulting services and competitive pricing for their energy needs. 

Today we serve over 110 Pacific Northwest customers from manufacturing and food processing plants to medical facilities and local government entities; each with varying volume and load requirements, firm capacity needs and pricing structures.  


By actively listening and learning a customer’s individual needs, we’re able to create a tailored approach. We leverage our deep knowledge of the local regulatory environment to navigate the constantly changing energy markets. We advocate on behalf of our customers, saving them time and money. And we offer daily monitoring of natural gas which delivers peace of mind knowing we’ve always got our customers’ back. In plain terms, we’re in the relationship business.

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